We offer you to publish the works of art that you own for sale, whether you are an artist or a collector who needs to make a change in Your Investment, just write to us at and we will send you all the information about how we work and other details.


We offer you to carry out a physical appraisal of the works you own, we explain a little more why it is necessary to carry out this service, first the physical appraisal of the work is necessary to verify the state of the work and be able to assess the value in the market Currently, this service is carried out by our qualified staff and in said appraisal, photographic capture of the work will be carried out, the status of the work will be reviewed as we mentioned before and then you will be given a printed, sealed and signed report where the photograph of the work will appear. the work, along with its technical sheet, the observations of our expert and its value in the current market. If you are interested in this service, write to us at avalú and we will send you all the information about how we work and other details.


We offer this service for plastic artists, in order to advertise and exhibit their work with all the quality that their artistic expression deserves, all this complying with a curatorship and a qualified critical eye to obtain the best result. These exhibitions, in person and virtual, are what you need to develop your resume and be a plastic artist with more experience. If you want more information, just write to us at and we will gladly help you make your exhibition.


We offer this service carried out by one of our expert photographers, in the place where the works are located so that there is no damage to them during transport. If you want to know more about this service you can request the information by writing to



We offer our clients the best legal advice. In this service, our expert staff can provide legal advice depending on your case, documentation procedures or certificates of ownership and authenticity, permits for shipments abroad, copyright cases, among others.


We offer technical data regarding maintenance of works of art. Supervision and coordination of restorations of works of art, as well as offering the transfer of your works of art abroad or inside the country. We also suggest some commercial allies for marquetry services and local distributors or those who sell products for the creation of works of art. Last but not least, we offer VIP advice for all those people who want to invest in works of art and are not sure which work or author to decide on.

For any of the types of advice we offer, just write to us at and we will help you with whatever you need.


We offer the experience of our curators and art critics so that plastic artists can obtain a critique of their work, which is an important complement at the curricular level for any plastic artist who wants to transcend the Venezuelan and international art world, if you want to know For more information about this service, write to us at and we will be happy to help you.

All this and anything else you need from the world of plastic arts is what we offer for you at

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