TuObraDeArte.com is a virtual gallery that arises from the need to offer artists and art fans an easy way to appreciate the visual arts and project them nationally and internationally and at the same time create an opportunity for people to acquire the art works.

The beginnings of TuObraDeArte.com date back to 2013 when its founders began to project ideas on how to improve a family business that they had been carrying out with the Open School Foundation for the World, however, it is not until 2015 that they carry out the registration of the company and that is finally known as TuObraDeArte.com

Part of the concept of the founders and creators of TuObraDeArte.com is to publicize the plastic arts as a safe investment mode, and if an adequate investment is made, in the future it could be a very lucrative benefit; it is because of this that use of slogan “TuObraDeArte.com Your Investment, Your Art”, in turn this is one of the main reasons for creating a virtual gallery that also works as an online store.


Offer the best options in quality, variety of techniques, styles and artists with the best service and price-value relation of works of art to guarantee a good investment.



Allowing employees to have absolute security and stability within the company. We are in the process of being leaders in the plastic arts business and in this way help consumers in a more adequate and efficient way.


We have a team led by empathic, visionary and successful partners, where the members value the contributions made by a member of the team, working globally and committed to achieve the goals they have in common.



We understand each member of the company regardless of their position, thus synchronizing all the interests and needs that are in common. At the same time, a relationship based on trust, respect and integrity is developed.


We seek and create innovative first-hand solutions, technology and services that guarantee the success of the company. On the other hand, thee continuous search to improve performance is maintained in order to comply with the established commitments.


Our team leaders make a great effort to demand from the artists that we represent the highest level of plastic quality, we are known for offering high quality works and artists who have an important talent to be relevant in time; We also offer the highest quality in our services and we always try that our clients are satisfied with the attention and the services that we offer.



TuObraDeArte.com is a virtual gallery and an online store where our slogan is TuObraDeArte.com Your Investment, Your Art, which means that all published works are works that have a great plastic quality, all are works that we certify and are original of the author and are in perfect condition.

They are works of diverse styles and techniques, unique pieces in their majority, of emergent artists, of trajectory and masters of the national and international plastic arts.

We guarantee an investment in art wich, in addition to fulfilling an economic benefit in the future, also fulfills the objective of decorating the spaces of your home, business or office.

We also try to offer appraisal services, publications, consultancies, critical texts, exhibitions for artists and certifications.

All this created from the vision of achievement of the brothers Mariana and Rolando Campos, who dedicated themselves to offer a web portal for the welfare of the plastic arts offering works and services to try to meet all the needs of our customers.



We offer all kinds of paintings of different styles and techniques, emerging authors, with a career and great master to cover the different taste of our investors.


We have available a great variety of sculptures, of diverse materials, styles and techniques, of emerging authors, with trajectory and great masters to cover the different taste of our investors.


We offer perfect photographs for the decoration of some space, based on the landscaping mostly, of several authors that adapt to the needs of our clients.


We offer diverse techniques and procedures for the realization of serigraphs, engravings or any system of retrography to capture the artistic creation.


We offer several works with this technique that both like and is very appreciated in the plastic arts.


We offer high quality plastic drawings of various artists as an option to our investors.