Inversiones Arstium 2015, C.A. company duly registered on 04-03-2015 before the Fifth Mercantile Registry of the Judicial District of the State of Miranda, Under No. 224-28143, Volume 93-A, hereinafter THE COMPANY, is a company that is responsible for the purchase, sale and exchange of works of art, as well as services of different types related to the plastic arts, mainly through an online portal under the name www.TuObraDeArte.com therefore, publications of works of art will be handled according to a conditioner, which will strictly contemplate the conditions in this adhesion contract; that is, the works published here will always be strictly under the conditions of the company.

WHAT CAN WE DO THROUGH www.TuObraDeArte.com?


We offer a variety of products and services for our customers, which among them we can offer: YOUR INVESTMENT: we have a wide variety of works for the enjoyment and purchase of users. YOUR ART: To carry out a publication for commercial purposes of a work of art owned by the client or user, you must first contact www.TuObraDeArte.com to comply with certain requirements established in said category to arrange an appointment and comply with the process of AVALÚO and thus achieve publication. OTHER SERVICES: we offer a variety of services to meet the needs that our users or clients may have within the world of plastic arts, such as: appraisals for our clients or users who need to know the value of the works of art they own; development of critical texts for artists; certificates of authenticity for clients or users who do not possess said document; we also offer curatorship, museology and assembly for exhibitions of plastic artists; as well as we offer advice of two types: Works Advice, based on orienting the client to obtain, according to their tastes or preferences, the work of art suitable for the space they want, either indoors or outdoors. Technical Advice, based on offering technical suggestions regarding maintenance, restoration of works of art, shipments and transfers nationally and internationally, as well as we suggest some commercial partners for marquetry services, printing and local distributors or who sell products for the realization of works of art.


Every natural person must register on the portal; Your information will be handled exclusively and confidentially in order to use the services offered within the portal www.TuObraDeArte.com. With the registration, the client will create a USER and a PASSWORD, which will be their way of access to all the services and other benefits offered by the www.TuObraDeArte.com portal.


To make a publication, every person will create a USER, and will provide data that will be treated confidentially (SEE PRIVACY POLICIES) (names, surnames, email, telephone, address, postal area) who must be the owner and / or owner of the work of art, which must show its proper ownership. www.TuObraDeArte.com will contact the USER, in order to state the status of the work, as well as perform the evaluation of it, www.TuObraDeArte.com will offer the various ways in which you can make your publication Likewise, the cost to be paid for publication costs. These costs will depend on the appraisal made to the work of art and subsequently the request for such publication will be published in the category YOUR INVESTMENT exclusively. The publication will remain indefinitely or until the sale of the work is achieved, www.TuObraDeArte.com does not guarantee the sale of any work, we only comply only with the publication of the works and work on the sale of the works; in turn, www.TuObraDeArte.com does not guarantee a period of time to achieve the sale of the work, for this reason the publications are for an indefinite period, the owner of the work has the obligation to notify the www team by any means .TuObradeArte.com if you no longer own the work to remove it from publication on our portal as soon as possible and thus avoid inconvenience with potential investors. The publication will only be handled by www.TuObraDeArte.com with total freedom. The description of the product will depend on the appraisal made by www.TuObraDeArte.com, at all times we try to describe as accurately as possible the work of art, however we do not guarantee that they are 100% accurate, complete or error free. www.TuObraDeArte.com does not accept changes or returns of the work, so it is highly appreciated to be very responsible when acquiring a work of art. 


Whoever follows up the work of art, will be able to exercise the following actions: BUY: click on the “Add to Your Investment” button, it will give the automatic right to purchase the product. The option of paying online (credit card), transfer or deposit at the bank will be given. The time for payment is immediate or if you request a deposit or transfer, you will make a prior contact with www.TuObraDeArte.com and make the payment within forty-eight (48) hours, before using this time: www.TuObraDeArte. com must alert you that you have not received payment, in this case, the publication of the work in any of its categories (Your Investment or Virtual Gallery) may be activated again; otherwise, it will be taken as a voided purchase.


The partial or total reproduction of this condition is strictly prohibited, as well as the images published here at www.TuObraDeArte.com. Negotiations through intermediaries are strictly prohibited. All the contents published here are property of www.TuObraDeArte.com. The company reserves the right to suspend publications at any time, as well as the suspension of USERS. Once you sign up at www.TuObraDeArte.com you agree with our privacy policies.

Under no circumstances do we rent or sell to commerce or for marketing purposes the information you deposit in our database, without your consent. All information provided here is used for the purpose of giving the best customer service and in order to comply with what you want. We are associated with the banking network in order to provide you with a point of sale so that you can make payments more quickly, easily and expeditiously, from the comfort of your home or office, we also inform you that the information provided there It is not in the hands of www.TuObraDeArte.com. The only way that your identity can be revealed will be through a court order issued by the Courts of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and / or international organizations. This page is directed only and strictly to persons of legal age. We reserve the right to expand or reduce our privacy policies for good and for www.TuObraDeArte.com. As well as we reserve the right in our conditions of use, sale at any time and in our sole discretion, therefore, we invite you to review our sales policies, terms and conditions at all times.


The published, exhibited and publicized is adjusted to the laws of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. As well as the agreements and policies expressed here. The city of Caracas - Venezuela is chosen as a special and exclusive domicile, under the jurisdiction of whose competent Courts the parties submit, renouncing their natural privileges or any other that may or may correspond to them.