Your Art

Contact us through the email if you want to publish the artworks of your property through our portal and social networks, send an email with the following information:

  1. Full name of the owner of the work. *
  2. Number of some identity document of the owner. *
  3. Phone number. *
  4. City where the work is located. *
  5. Author of the work (if you know it).
  6. Title of the work (if you own it).
  7. Measures of the work (if you know them).
  8. Technique in which the work is done (if you know it).
  9. Year the work was done (if you know it).
  10. Photograph of the work. *
  11. Photograph of certificate of origin of the work (if you own it).

Note 1: The certificate of origin is any document that indicates where and how the work was acquired, if you do not have any type of document of this nature, please notify us by email.

Note 2: The requested information marked with the sign (*) is mandatory in order to offer our service efficiently and safely.

Note 3: All the information we receive will be strictly confidential and at no time will be disclosed or shared by the company known as with third parties or persons outside our work staff.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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