Ramón Rodríguez

The beginning of his technical training at the Catholic school “Jardín Franciscano”, learning and excelling in technical drawing, in the metal and wood workshop (1950). He consolidated his training in industrial technical drawing (ETI) and at the Jesús Higuera Jiménez Drawing Academy (1970) to enter professionally in mechanical drawing, projects and preparation of plans, air conditioning and forced ventilation systems (1980-1990). . He founded his company Alumfiltros Nacionales S.A, serving as main director of a filter manufacturing company.

He is a great expert in technical drawing with a great and successful career.

He completed his artistic training at the drawing school with Galeandro and in the drawing workshop with the well-known Caricaturist, Pedro León Zapata.

He has participated in resin application workshops. Modern workshop, notices and neon advertising.

He has participated in the Exhibition of plastic arts at the ranch, art, college of accountants.

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