Hildebrando García

Venezuelan plastic artist, in 2008 he took the following courses: “Management aimed at today's artist”, Museum of Fine Arts, 20 academic hours, Caracas: “Study of the human figure”, Cándido Millán Fire Arts School Workshop, San Bernardino , Caracas. He has been the recipient of the following awards and recognitions: 2008 - “Culture in the heart, Socialist Mission”, Recognition, First parish meeting of plastic arts and crafts, Caracas, October; “IV International Book Fair of Venezuela”, Recognition, FILVEN, Caracas, November; “First prize, Ecological and Environmental Photography Salon, REMAPCA, November 30, Caracas; “4th National Collective of Plastic Arts”, Recognition, National Open University, Directorate of Culture, Caracas, October; 2011 - “Seeds of freedom”, Recognition, Hotel Venetur, Alba Caracas, Caracas; 2019 -“Young artist of the month”, National Art Gallery, Caracas. Among his individual exhibitions we highlight: 2011 “Characters of the city”, Hotel Venetur, Alba Caracas, Caracas and “Father and son”, Art network, sensitivity to the pupil, Jacobo Borges Museum, Caracas; He has also participated in numerous group exhibitions and among them we highlight: 2010 - “Salón Juan Lovera, Edition XXXIX”, Municipal Visual Arts Awards, Caracas.; “Emerging city”, Nuevo Nuevo Circo de Caracas, Caracas; “X Salvador Valero Biennial”, popular art, 200 years after the decree of war to the death, Mérida; “4th national collective of plastic arts”, National Open University, Directorate of Culture, Caracas, October-November; 2011 - “Seeds of Freedom”, Hotel Venetur, Alba Caracas; 2012 - “Art before the emancipation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”, Hotel Venetur, Alba Caracas, Caracas; 2019 - “Juan Lovera Salon”, First municipal meeting of Visual Arts, Caracas, November. Among other.

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